Fragrance - Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils Good for?

Sadly, many of the compounds in the commercial fragrances use in bath and body products are carcinogenic or otherwise toxic. The word "fragrance" on a soap label can mean any of 4,000 different ingredients, most of which are synthetic.

Not only are fragrances potentially carcinogenic, according to Home Safe Home author Debra Lynn Dadd, "Clinical observation by medical doctors has shown that exposure to fragrances can affect the central nervous system, causing depression, hyperactivity, irritability, inability to cope and other behavioral changes."

We use only pure natural essential oils in our soaps here at The Natural Cottage.

A surprising number of people experience a dry-skin reaction from many common fragrances.

Do you really want these substances being applied intentionally to your skin?

Propylene glycol, the main ingredient in automotive antifreeze, is found in many soaps. Because of its ability to quickly penetrate the skin, the Environmental Protection Agency in the US requires workers to wear protective gloves and goggles when working with this substance. Material Safety Data Sheets required by OSHA warn against skin contact because it can have systemic impacts such as brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities.

Triclosan, an antibacterial chemical found in some bar soap, is a chlorophenol, a class of chemicals suspected of causing cancer in humans. It is also a chlorinated aromatic compound, similar in molecular structure to some of the most toxic chemicals on earth: dioxins, PCBs and Agent Orange.

Selecting The Right Soap

Carefully review the ingredients in the soap you are currently using. If you can't pronounce the ingredients or your skin is dry or irritated, identify a natural vegetable-based soap bar that addresses the needs of your skin type. Another way to test for the right soap: wash one forearm with the soap near the elbow joint. Skin tends to be very sensitive in this location and potential irritation will be noticed quickly.

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