Our Philosophy

"Delightful," is a phase we often hear from our customers after they have used our raw goat milk soap. "Feel my skin!" is another comment frequently heard on our craft fair booth. Stuffed with free range goat milk that is accented with Heavy Cream. There are nothing but milks in our soaps, no water added here. The gentle acids in the milk help to break up the glue that is holding the dead skin cells together and wash them away. Once the dead skin cells are removed then your newer, fresh, vibrant skin is left glowing through. 

Our soaps are similar to the natural ph of your skin so you can use the soap on your face and body without stripping the natural oils from your skin. Leaving the natural oils intact as you shower allows your skin to be it's natural beautifully clean best. 

We make our batches of soap by hand in our well scrubbed kitchen. Making small batches at one time helps us to ensure the quality that goes into each and every bar of soap. We can also assure that we are finding and purchasing the best ingredients to go into each batch. These quality ingredients provide the benefits that you feel as you scrub yourself squeaky clean. This bar contains Kaolin clay which helps to refine the pores and skin. Combining Olive Oil (High in moisturizing properties for your skin.), Coconut Oil (Lots of Coconut Oil goodness.), Castor Oil (Creates great sudsing lather.), Sunflower Seed Oil ( High in Vitamin E.), Cocoa Butter (For all the goodness it brings to your skin.) and Shea Butter (Adds moisturizing properties to your skin along with some great beneficial nutrients.) We add all this goodness to every bar of soap that we make. 

Creating Beauty from Nature's Bounty, one item at a time. All our products are made with only the finest pure natural oils, butters, salts and essential oils. You benefit from all natural homemade soaps with no chemicals that can harm your skin or body. We take great care in creating each bar or item.




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