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Have you had your Goat Milk today?

Someone asked me recently why the Natural Cottage soaps were so good. I thought I would take a moment and explain just why our soaps are considered some of the best on the market.

In each batch of our soap is Olive oil for moisturizing properties, Coconut Oil for all the benefits that it brings to your skin, Goat's milk (Goat's milk is known to have wonderful effects on your skin.  It has many skin-loving vitamins such as A, D, B-6, B-12, trigylcerides, and natural emolients making for healthy and soft skin.  The gentle exfoliating properties of alpha-hydroxy acids contained in goats milk help to slough off dead skin cells and leave smooth new cells behind.  Goat Milk rejuvenates your skin.), Coconut Milk (Coconut milk  is packed with vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, and B6 as well as iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Coconut milk is used to help your skin look radiant.) Shea Butter (Some of our batches contain Shea Butter for the smoothness that it brings to your skin. Extra hydrating your skin as a bonus too.) Whew, that is a lot of benefits for your skin in just one bar of our luxurious soap. Each batch contains all of these ingredients. Different essential oils are added for the different scents and benefits but each bar contains all of these nutritious ingredients with shea butter in a lot of the batches.

We are now adding Tussah silk to most of our batches of soap. The silk gives the soap more slip and creates such a silky feel. We decided our customers will enjoy the feel of the silk so you know we just had to put it in all the batches of soap that we are making.

Our essential oils and Fragrance oils are choosen for the scent and benefits they bring to your skin. . Different essential oils are added for the different scents and benefits. Scents delight the nose and the benefits delight our bodies.

Some other benefits of Goats milk can be seen in the proteins of milk products that help to protect our skin from invading bacteria and chemicals.  Goats milk has healing properties for skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne, and general relief for itchy, dry, and damaged skin. 

There are other benefits to using our hand made soaps. All natural organic ingredients mean a healthier you. Whether you are using our Tea Tree and Lavender Acne soap or our Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soaps for aged skin............. the benefits just keep working for you. Helping you to fresher looking, glowing, healtier skin.

If you have ever wondered why all natural organic ingredients are important, try stepping on a peeled garlic clove with your bare heal. Let me know how fast you taste garlic in your mouth? The skin is the largest organ in your body. What your skin gets fed, is what you feed your body. Besides looking better due to great skin, you also feel better when you feed your skin healthy ingredients. Nourshing takes on a whole new meaning when you use our great soaps and lotions.

I have customers tell me all the time that they have super dry skin. Did you know that super dry skin or super oily skin is controlled by the soaps and lotions that you use? All my life, I thought I had to put up with blemishes and dry skin. The commercial soaps available seemed to work well, they got me squeaky clean. What I didn't know was that those soaps were causing damage to my skin in the form of the dryness and actually fighting with the natural PH balance of my skin. Once I started making my own soaps at a 7.5 PH, my skin was balanced by the all natural ingredients.

When a soap is balanced to your natural PH, dryness and oiliness go away. I found that my skin was naturally radiant and not dry in the least. The coconut oil and olive oil fed my skin just what my skin was thirsting for. Incredible what one bar of soap can do to make you look your best. An example of a store bought PH in soap is Dial that comes in at a whopping 11 PH. Not even close to your natural skin PH of 7.5.

Don't even get me started on the commercial soap manufacturer's and what they take out of the soap and put in for fillers. That is just a topic that you don't wish to know. You will just cringe. Consider all natural organic soaps and watch how great your skin really can be!

All of our soaps are made to be used on your face and body, no special soaps for your face. Just choose your favorite scent and one of our bars does your face and whole body. Do you really wish your face to get preferntial treatment over your body? I say, let's have the whole body show off great skin!

I make each and every bar myself. I know what goes into the soaps that I offer for sale. This is why I use my own hand made soaps, each and every day. Look for our new scents that are coming out soon. I have been busy collaborating with some of the aromatherapy experts. I am excited to bring you more beneficial all natural organic soaps in some exciting new scents.



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