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The Natural Cottage Goat Milk Soap, Body Frosting, Bath Bombs, Magnesium Lotion, Bath Truffles, Bubbling BeautiesThe Natural Cottage inhabitants are busy creating some of the finest most luxurious all natural soaps, lotions, gifts and bath aids on the market. We started out as a hobby that grew into a family cottage industry business.

Located in Livonia, Mi, The Natural Cottage houses a family run cottage industry. When Cherie (Grandma) decided to turn her soap making hobby into a business, the grandsons and my granddaughter decided to help.

Grandma handles making the soap and potions (Lotions, Body Butters, Fizzie Bath Beautiess, Creams, Soaps, and about anything else she can wave her magic wand over.) New challenges in creating recipes occur at all times and must be tried out and tested for you to enjoy.

CollinCollin at age 17, has created a few of his own special scents and soaps and is "learning the trade", as he says. With Collin's gift of exceptional smell and creative energy, I am sure you will find his contributions amongst your favorites.

Joseph & DerekJoseph at age 13, helps in cutting the soaps and acts as our salesperson. Ask him about the soaps and you will be so surprised at how knowledgeable he is.

Derek and Cameron are our 12 year old helpers. Both boys are cousins who enjoy helping their grandmother with all the heavy lifting. Their real forte comes into the creation of our bath bombs. Derek can run our pneumatic bath bomb press like a pro. He also enjoys creating all the beautiful roses that we use on our booth. These boys are turning into fun salespeople and helpers on our soap booths. Ask them anythiing about the soaping process and they can tell you all about our fine ingredients and how they were made.

CameronRyleigh at 7 years old, spends most of his time inquiring about the processes we all employ. His contributions are some delightful offerings. Ryleigh's energy keeps us all motivated and on our toes.

RyleighAnastasia Abigail is 4 years old and we refer to her as the bath bomb queen. She is the best at unmoldiing and putting bath bombs onto the racks. She can unmold them as fast as her brother Derek can make them. Her patience is incredible in a 4 year old and she frequently shows me how to unmold the bath bombs the easiest. Little Bath Diva in the making?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and comments. We wish to make your experience at The Natural Cottage a special experience for you.

Creating beauty out of nature's bounty, one bar at a time. The Natural Cottage



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